Monday, August 24, 2009

The wedding

My brother got married this weekend in Chicago. Jonathan sang during the service.

The bride and groom.
Father of the groom.
Amund and mama at the church. I sewed Amund this little outfit for the wedding. Little white pants with blue satin waistband and cuffs, and a little kimono top.
Jens with his mama at the church.


MariAnne with Amund.

Islwyn enjoying his dinner.

We spent the weekend in Chicago for my brother's wedding. It was exciting to see Kate and MariAnne--friends from my days in the city!

Islwyn's Birthday Pics

Some pics from Islwyn's birthday party. When we sang happy birthday he screamed that he didn't want his birthday and he didn't like his birthday and he refused to blow out the candle!! Wyatt and I had to do it. Fun time. Otherwise I think he had a good time.

The zoo

Fort Wayne has one of the best children's zoo in the country and we got a season pass! So couple of weeks ago the cousins came to visit and we went to the zoo with grandpa! SUper fun. Here is Islwyn in the egg. Does he look like a little chick?

Grandpa and Islwyn.
Manuel and Chris playing the drums in Africa.

Grandpa and Islwyn in the tent.
With Mama.
Wy, Manuel, and Chris.
Driving the land rover.
Becky and Chris on the africa ride.

Grandpa and Islwyn watching the sea dogs???

Grandpa and Amund.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Somebody Special is 3!

Islwyn turned three today. I can't believe he is so grown up.