Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gingerbread Snowmen

Islwyn and I made gingerbread snowmen the other day.  We had so much fun that we dragged it out over three days.  So for three days in a row we baked gingerbread cookies and then decorated them before dinner!  Islwyn wanted me to take a picture of him eating a candy cane--that is supposed to go on the gingerbread man...
Here is Islwyn's cookie when he is all done.
Islwyn's cookie on the left and mine on the right.
Islwyn sprinkling.
Islwyn wanted me to take a close up of his candy cane.
Islwyn eating the decorations....

Friday, December 19, 2008


We got to go to a tea with Santa and Mrs. Claus the other day.  A while bunch of Islwyn's friends went as well.  Islwyn was very excited about seeing Santa and he had planned what he was going to ask Santa for -- a PURPLE sled so he can go sledding with Phinneas.  Here we are drinking tea (blue kool-aid) and having cookies.  You can see Islwyn in the front of the picture facing away from the camera-I am standing behind him.  

When Santa came in he got really scared and started crying.  Then he watched the other kids go up first and finally got brave enough to go up to talk to Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Islwynw as the hit of the part-ay in his fancy three piece suit! Gotta dress up to meet Santa.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nature Center

Today was the last day of Nature Time for the year.  They start again in January.  Today we learned all about snow and the different kinds of snowflakes.  We read a story about snow, and then we made snowflakes on paper as a craft, and then we got to take a walk in the woods and in the snow and find animal footprints.

Islwyn foot prints.

Islwyn using the scissors.  He has one red snowflake on his paper.

Islwyn was doing a lot of drawing.  Here he is drawing a fish--complete with an eye and everything.

Back in the snow again!

Islwyn LOVES snow.  And Maine sure is beautiful covered in white snow.

Some Special Gifts

Islwyn has received some EXTRA special Christmas presents this year.  He got a really cool sweater in the mail today.  Jonathan's Grandma started knitting this sweater when HER kids were little!  So I am guessing early 60's?  Anyway, she never finished it until now!  So she sent it to Islwyn.  I LOVE the super funky orange stripes.  The yarn is really nice and soft and the green is a really nice shade of green (hard to tell in the picture).  She does such a great job of knitting--it makes me realize how NOT so great I am. :)  This is an extra special gift we will treasure always!  But, of course, our little shrimp Islwyn is too small for it now...maybe next year it will fit him.
Islwyn trying it on and making a weird face.
Being silly.

One of Islwyn's best friends, AnaSofia, got him another extra special Christmas present.  Here he is opening it.  AnaSofia is helping.  

It's a cape!  Super cool!  AnaSofia's mom sewed it specially for Islwyn!  She is so talented and creative--although she always denies it!  Islwyn will be the envy of his cousins this Christmas I think.  This is a really cool present and we will keep it always.  So now Islwyn is "Super Islwyn!"  Note the cool airplane fabric.

Islwyn showing off the back.

Twirling around.
From the front.

Islwyn had never heard of a cape before he got his present.  So when he was opening it, he and AnaSofia had a really funny conversation about the present.  She kept using the word "cape," but he thought she was saying "cake."

AnaSofia: Maybe it might be a cape?

Islwyn: I don't have cake, I have Christmas present.

AnaSofia: It might be a cape!

Islwyn: I don't have a cake.  It is a Christmas present.

AnaSofia: Usluwin [as she puts a hand on his shoulder] (that's how she says Islwyn--so cute), maybe it's a cape!?

Islwyn: I don't have cake.  I have present.

This seriously went on for a couple minutes.  It was so funny!  And they were so polite about it.  Talking really nice.  But disagreeing! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parade, Etc.

The other day Islwyn was having his ice cream cone treat and asked Jonathan to take some picture of him.  So here he is eating his ice cream.

Getting ready to jump.
On the ground.  He LOVES to jump and hop and hops his way around the house now.

Listening to the Barbershoppers.

Last Saturday was the big Christmas Parade in downtown Bangor.  I told all Islwyn's friends about it and we were so excited to go.  One of Islwyn's friends was staying overnight with us, so he came along to the parade too.  That's what the pictures above are.  When the parade actually started Islwyn got really scared and started crying and crying.  I don't know if it was the crowd or what....

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Tree

We had so much fun decorating the tree!  Islwyn has to check out his Mickey Mouse ornament--missing one foot though....

Helping Papa with the lights.

More cool ornaments that fit right on my fingers!

Our tall skinny tree.

Islwyn has to climb the ladder too!