Thursday, April 24, 2008

Islwyn, Mr. Bear, and Jenn the Story Lady

Islwyn likes to carry his bear (Mr. Bear) that his great-grandma made him around the house with him in the morning. This morning he and Mr. Bear were having breakfast crackers and watching "Curious George" together.Then Islwyn was feeding Mr. Bear crackers and saying, "Crackers, Bear, crackers, Bear, eat crackers."

Yesterday we had a little part-ay over here. Two of Islwyn's best friends came over AT THE SAME TIME!! It was soo much fun. The kids wanted to read a story so here is a picture of Jenn (AnaSofia's mom) reading them the story. AnaSofia is on her lap with Islwyn, and Islwyn's other best friend, Kaitlin, is standing in the foreground listening too.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Catching Up

Here are some more pictures of us on our day at the beach yesterday. For Patriot's Day. We even grilled a steak for lunch. Islwyn enjoyed looking at all the rocks on the beach. He was a little bit afraid of the water coming in...but got over that fast enough.

He even found a shell.

Helping Papa grill. Islwyn would stand behind Jonathan and every time Jonathan would blow on the coals, then Islwyn would blow on them too (from like 4 feet away).

Islwyn kept pointing at the water and saying, "ocean, ocean."

Catching Up

We took Islwyn to Moosehead State Park on Monday. Monday was a holiday here in Maine. It is called "Patriot's Day" so Jonathan had the day off. Here are some pics of Islwyn playing at the park.

Every day on our way home from the Y (we walk down there and back) Islwyn and I stop at the park so he can play on the playground a little bit before lunch. Last wed. one of Islwyn's BEST friends was there playing--so it was super exciting. Here they are.

Last week we went out to Phinneas' house. Phinneas lives in a "wonderland" of forests, trees, blueberry fields, and apple orchards. All fun things for little boys. SO we went on a walk with the boys through some blueberry fields.
Islwyn taking a break on the walk to stick a wood chip up his nose.
Phinneas hanging with his leaf.
Islwyn and Phinny crawling around in the grass and leaves.
Islwyn doing some excavating.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Islwyn's New Summer Outfit #2

I made Islwyn another summer outfit. I took two different patterns and kind of put them together into one. And then I found a monkey outline and stitched the monkey onto the front. I think it turned out pretty cute. I hope he gets to wear it (and his seersucker outfit) while we are in Guatemala.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Islwyn the Explorer

Grumpy Islwyn and I went exploring today. We went all around our house and also walked almost around the whole block. He is still as grumpy as he was last time we posted. I think he is having a really hard time with these teeth that are coming in. He barely napped today...which makes for a crazy mama.

Here he is looking at the side of our house. Note the happy expression on his face. Almost all the pictures here are a really good reflection of how he has been feeling/acting since I think he only smiled and was happy in one of them. :( Where did my HAPPY baby go?
Here he is touching the side of the foundation. He really enjoyed petting the house.
Here he is looking through our really dirty basement windows.
Islwyn LOVES to pretend he is shoveling snow off the porch.

Still exploring.

He likes to stand on the front steps and look around.

The flowers in our garden are starting to bloom. This is the first time we have ever tried and garden and we planted a whole bunch of bulbs in the fall. We are so excited to see them grow!
Islwyn LOVED playing with these bushes.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Islwyn's Bad Day

Actually, I should say yesterday and today have been bad days. Poor Islwyn. He has a couple big eye teeth coming in and I think it is just making him totally miserable.

He pretty much fussed all day yesterday. Every little thing sent him into fits of crying and holding onto me for dear life. After he was up from his nap for an hour and had been pretty much crying that whole time, I decided that maybe he would like going to the park. He usually LOVES the park and it was sunny and like 55 degrees out. So nice. So we walked over there--it took about 3 minutes since we live 1/2 block from the park. We even brought his red ball to play with and Islwyn got to walk the whole way and didn't even have to ride in the stroller. So we got to the park and he just stood there. I threw the ball and he just watched it roll and then after a minute he came over to me and asked for me to carry him. So then I thought maybe he just wanted to play on the playground. So we went over there and he looked at the playground for a minute and then turned around and started walking back home on the path. So that was the end of that. We did get to have a little ice cream cone and met one of his friends there. AnaSofia did her best to cheer him up...but he was not his usual self. Although he didn't have any trouble finishing off my ice cream and his own.

Then last night we finally took his temperature and it was a little high. I think it has to do with the teeth coming in. So today he woke up super early and has pretty much been fussing all morning. I am going CRAZY. And poor Islwyn. His teeth must really be hurting. I have been reduced to letting him eat a popsicle (for his teeth) and watch "Elmo's World" on PBS. Shudder, shudder. But he seems relatively happy.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shout Out to AnaSofia

Islwyn wants to send a shout out to AnaSofia for getting him the super cool Fisher-Price farm for his birthday last year. He found a really useful way to "play" with the cow on his farm. By the time I figured out what was going on, he had already been eating his yogurt like this for a while so I just let him finish.

Dipping the cow's feet in the yogurt.
Sucking the yogurt off the cow's feet.
More eating off the cow's feet.
Then, after he was done with dinner he would NOT let go of the cow and had to take it into the bath and get it all clean. And then he had to hold on to it while getting ready for bed.

Here is Jonathan chasing Islwyn around the house. He like to play the "get you" game.
Here is Islwyn making funny faces while carrying his Kix around the house.
Nobody is allowed to get my Kix!
Islwyn cleaning up spilled milk while trying to stay on his horsey.
Islwyn and Papa looking out the window.