Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We love Maine!

There is an extra holiday in Maine called Patriot's Day.  And Jonathan gets the day off!  So we decided to go to the beach and also visit one of the many lighthouses in Maine.  

I had to get at least one shot of the baby at the beach.  This is before you climb down the steps to get to the water.  You can see the water behind him.  He is in the stroller.  It was a little cold and windy to have him out.

Building  a sand castle with a plastic cup and spoon we brought for our lunch since we didn't think to bring the bucket and shovel.

Jonathan and baby hanging out.

The lighthouse.  Me and Amund.
Note my sweater-I finally finished it!!


We have been having lots of fun getting used to two boys instead of one at home!  Islwyn is a great big brother and always tries to get toys for baby to play with or tries to help rock baby when he is crying.  It is amazing to me how different the two boys are though!

Yesterday Islwyn told Jonathan that he wanted to take some pictures.  So he got on his trike and was showing how he could open his cheese stick by himself while Jonathan took pictures.

Another day baby was having tummy time.  He thinks, ok, this is ok.
Do I really like tummy time?
No I don't!!! I hate tummy time!
Maybe it's ok....
Meanwhile big brother was in the dining room lining up his new paints and getting ready to do art project.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun Stuff

Islwyn was painting today in the kitchen while I fed the baby in the living room.  This is what he looked like when he was done!

Islwyn took this picture of me the other day.  He is quite a photographer.
Islwyn created this work of art in the kitchen one day.  He came running into the living room and asked me to come and see what he made for me.  He was so proud of it that we had to take some pictures of it.
This one potato had moved out of the spot it was supposed to be in so he was trying to fix it before I took the picture!