Friday, September 21, 2012

Mount Rushmore

Islwyn and Amund got to fulfill a lifelong dream this summer and visit Mount Rushmore.  We camped for the first time.  Still not sure how into camping I am .....

 There was mini-golf at the campsite and Amund had to play multiple times a day.
 Elijah's private tent.  He liked napping in the shade in his tent.  Or just playing I guess....
 Our gigantic tent that friends let us borrow.

Oh, here is Amund at the top of the arch in St. Louis.  When he got up there he asked where the giant white rainbow was.  He didn't realize he was inside of it!

 On our way back to Indiana we stopped for a couple of days in Kansas to see Jonathan's grandparents.  The boys were really into the Insect Zoo at Kansas State.  Here is a picture of them with their great-grandma.
 Mmmm, Amund got "Purple Pride" ice cream at the ice cream shop on campus.
 With Willy.