Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mount Rushmore

This is what happens when Islwyn and Dada have some free time together.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We were finally able to do some sightseeing close to our new home. Yesterday was Jonathan's day off so we decided to drive about 1/2 an hour away to Idaho Springs. We also went about half way up a mountain to this beautiful lake at 11,000 feet. Amund and Islwyn had fun watching the ducks.....

...and climbing on rocks....

We also got to see this really cool old train in town.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Heading West

My plan was to document the places we stopped on our way to Colorado. But, I was too tired and busy packing and cleaning etc. A couple nights before we left our old house one of Islwyn's friends came over to spend the night. It was super fun. They got to watch a movie and have pizza in the living room. We made Hello Kitty waffles for breakfast and played dress up.

Here we are in St. Louis visiting my parents for a couple of days. It was so relaxing--after spending the previous day cleaning our old house, then we left at 6 pm to drive to St. Louis. We had to drive separately so we were both exhausted by the time we got there around 1 am. It was so nice to wake up the next morning to this view out our bedroom window. Minka and Grandpa take Islwyn swimming! Yay!

It did not take the kids long to lose all inhibitions and start jumping in the pool. They were doing all kinds of crazy "jumps." Amund had his life jacket on and we had to stay by him, but Islwyn is big enough to walk around in the entire shallow end and he is an amazing swimmer. Minka taught him how to float, tread water, bob, and even do some underwater swimming. The below pictures basically illustrate our entire vacation there. It was great!

Islwyn and Grandpa did some car washing one day.And no day was complete without story time with Minka.

The family before we left for Kansas.