Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moving ...

A view into our dining room--full of boxes. We are loading the truck on Thursday and plan to arrive in Denver next Thursday or Friday. We just packed the big computer away so there won't be any updates until we get unloaded in Denver probably. Mical--I plan to post some great pictures from mom and dad's! Just haven't had time yet. Pray for a safe trip for us and that Jonathan doesn't get heat stroke driving the un-airconditioned Honda through Missouri and Kansas in July.....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pa's Birthday in Kansas

We spent some time in Kansas with Jonathan's family. Islwyn talked Grandad into playing UNO with him--Islwyn rules. Which means Islwyn gets all the trick cards and Grandad gets all the regular cards. You can guess who always wins.

Us dancing at the party.

Amund was WAY into barbershop.
The boys watching silly videos.
The boys with their great grandparents.
Handsome Amund.
And the best of all, Sam. The boys were in heaven with Sam around for a couple of days. I am a mean mama for not letting them get a dog! :)