Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Islwyn and More Counting

Islwyn has gotten really into counting lately. Also, he is obsessed with beer and condiments. Whenever the fridge is open he RUSHES over to it as fast as possible and wedges himself into it. Then he proceeds to remove the various condiments (ketchup and mustard are his favorites) and any beer bottles that may be in there. Then he lines them up or groups them together in the kitchen and proceeds to count them. It is so cute. Also, if you look closely you can see our new kitchen floor.

Monday, March 24, 2008


AnaSofia invited Islwyn to go to a local school for an Easter egg hunt on Saturday. They had sooo much fun. They got to meet a clown who made them animals out of balloons. Islwyn said that he wanted a horse.Then they got to meet a moose who gave them candy. Islwyn LOVED the moose. He keeps saying "Moose! Ana! Moose! Ana!" He just said it right now when he saw this picture as I was typing the blog.
Then they got to meet the Easter Bunny. Note Islwyn's cool green sweater. I just made that for him. It was a little bit challenging, but I think it turned out nice. I have to still put a zipper on the front--that will help it to stay on better I think.

Below is a picture of Islwyn at church. We had a really nice Easter service and then there was an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Below is Islwyn shaking one of the eggs he found. Trying to figure out if it has "num nums" (m and ms).
Here are just some neat pics I took of Islwyn. I thought they captured some of his facial expressions. The second one I took while he was watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and eating popcorn. I don't know WHERE he got his love of popcorn from Minka!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Snow Day!

When we have big snowy days here in Maine one of Islwyn's favorite things to do is to play with one of his best friends (and neighbors) Ethan. A couple of Saturdays ago it was snowing a lot so we went over to Ethan's house for some afternoon play time.

Here is a picture of Islwyn chasing Ethan around the kitchen.

Islwyn giving Ethan a hug.
Islwyn LOVES Ethan's easel. Perfect for coloring.
Ethan and Islwyn hanging out together.

So much FUN!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Islwyn started counting today. I was snapping his jammies on and counting the snaps. I said, "One, ..." and then I snapped the second one and he said, "Two..." and I did the third one and he said, "Three." I was shocked! I guess he knows how to count to three. I hadn't even counted before him. So we practiced counting. Islwyn laid in my bed with me tonight before he went to bed and we read some stories. He wanted to read Coral Reef, Hide and Seek over and over again. We read it five times I think. The last little pull tab has three starfish on it so we counted, "One, two, three" starfish at the end of the story every time we read it. Sometimes he counted and sometimes not. So, I don't know. I was just really surprised he could do it.

Monday, March 10, 2008


One of Islwyn's friends came over the other day. His name is Phinneas and he is about 9 months old I think. So Islwyn runs around and Phinneas tries to crawl after him really fast. Phinneas is also getting pretty good at defending his toys when Islwyn tries to take them away (we are working on the concept of sharing with Islwyn). Anyway, here are some pictures of the two of them playing. Islwyn is showing Phinneas how to use the Leap Frog table.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Dancing Islwyn

A little bit more of Islwyn dancing. The very beginning of the clip is his "real" dancing. I think he learned that move from his friend AnaSofia. The rest of his dancing is the "big head nod."

Islwyn and the Soccer Ball

When Islwyn and I were at Target the other day he saw a soccer ball. Actually it was an Easter basket shaped like a soccer ball. He was saying ball, ball over and over again and pointing at the Easter basket soccer balls. Then he got ahold of one of them and put it on his head. He was riding around in the cart at Target with this on his head, laughing. It was so funny that I just couldn't resist getting it for him. Now he puts it on his head all the time. If it is not on his head he is carrying stuff around in it.

Islwyn and the Snow

Getting ready to head outside with papa.
Making the snowman with papa.

Islwyn making a snow angel.
Islwyn's first snow angel.
Making the snowman with mama.

Islwyn's mittens drying.
We had a BIG snow on Saturday. We stayed inside and watched Ballykissangel and Murder, She Wrote and drank hot chocolate. It was lots of fun. After the it stopped snowing we took Islwyn outside to play and make a snowman. It was Islwyn's first snowman. So here is a video clip of him putting the finishing touches on the snowman (actually he was eating the raisins off his face that made his mouth). Also wanted to include some pictures. It was lots of fun.