Sunday, February 22, 2009

Islwyn Shaving, etc.

Some pictures of me and Islwyn hanging out.  He has gotten really into sitting close to me and on my lap lately.  But he doesn't really fit.  Here is was trying to sit in my lap, but slid off--you can see my big belly in the foreground to the right.

Islwyn took this pictures of this toys and puzzle.
Hanging with mama.

Shaving with Dada.  He even got his own razor--don't worry--it didn't have a blade in it.  It was just pretend.

Trying to make the same faces Dada makes while shaving.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Project

Islwyn and I decided to make special treats for his friends for Valentine's Day.  We found a recipe for home-made marshmallows.  And we got some heart shaped cookie cutters.  So we could make heart shaped marshmallows.  Then Islwyn wanted to make rice krispie treats we made rice krispies with some of the home-made marshmallows.  We cut the treats into heart shapes too.  We also included home-made hot cocoa mix and little mini sized heart marshmallows to go on the cocoa.  

Anyway, he is Islwyn licking the marshmallow spatula AND whisk!

Licking out of the rice krispie treat bowl.  Super yummy!

Rice Krispie treats--yes they are pink-we died the marshmallows.
This is the marshmallow after we made it and put it in the pan to set.

Marshmallows!  The big ones are to eat and the little ones to go on top of hot cocoa.

Islwyn dipping the marshmallow he just cut out into powdered sugar.
Yes--he did it--cut out a heart marshmallow.
Cutting out the marshmallows.

Sorry the pics were backwards in order.  I have a terrible time uploading them so they end up in the right direction.  Anyway, I had never made home-made marshmallows before--it is super easy.  And they are WAY better than store bought ones.  SUPER FUN!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009


It has been a super snowy and cold winter this year.  We try to go outside and play every day, but that only takes up about 20 minutes of our afternoon time since it is so cold we have to come back in...

Thankfully, Islwyn got a big box full of arts and crafts supplies from his grandparents for Christmas.  We have to do at least one craft a day.  The other day we got the paint out for the first time.  He had so much fun.  Here he is painting.

And getting more paints out...

We need to get some paint brushes so he can try painting that way.  We don't have any and tried to use the sponges that are all different shapes to make cool pictures, but the sponges didn't really work very well with this kind of paint.  I think this paint works best as finger paint or with paint brushes.  It was so much fun though!