Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving pumpkins, Halloween Party, Random pictures of Islwyn

Showing me a pumpkin seed he got out of the pumpkin.

The house decorated.


Pumpkin cupcakes.
This picture has nothing to do with Halloween, or the party.  But Islwyn was being so funny playing his marimba with pot holders on.
My Halloween Tree creation.

Another unrelated picture.  Islwyn playing in the leaves last week as we worked in the yard.  We have had a really beautiful fall--like we do every year here in Maine.
Phinneas as a bear and his mama dressed as a tree!
Islwyn recovering from all that candy....

Phinneas reading one night when he was hanging out with us.  He likes Islwyn's chair.

Our little skunk in the bobbing for apples container.

This is another random picture.  Phinneas came over and hung out with us one evening.  The boys were so cute in their christmas jammies.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Making Cider

One of the highlights of the fall this year has been that we were able to press some cider. It was so much fun! Our friends have all kinds of apple trees in their back yard. They borrowed a cider press, and pressed a whole bunch of the apples into cider. We got to help press...and got to take some home with us!

Phinneas' dad.
Islwyn helping grind up the apples.
Papa pressing apples.
Islwyn trying a sip of the freshly pressed cider.
Jonathan pressing some more. With Islwyn's help.

The boys inspecting all the apples. Phinneas has to have a bite...

The boys tired after all that work!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Islwyn's Grandparents

Here is a recent picture of Islwyn's grandparents. I think my mom is supposed to be Joan Crawford!

Monday, October 20, 2008


The first part of this clip is from this summer. When my parents came to visit they bought Islwyn the coolest vintage wooden push toy--it was the best 6 dollars they spent for Islwyn I think. Everybody LOVES this toy. It is a huge hit with all his friends and he plays with it at least once a day. Anyway, the beginning of the clip is him pushing it around when he first got it. He is also modeling the outfit I made him for the summer. Although they were getting a little bit small I think!

The second part of the clip is Islwyn playing his marimba and singing. He got the marimba in Guatemala for his birthday and is really good at playing it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Doing crafts

Islwyn and I signed up for a program at the Maine Audubon Society for the Fall.  We go and hear stories about something in nature, do a craft, and then get a guided walk through the woods.  We went to the first one on Thursday and Islwyn loved it.  Below is the picture Islwyn did.  I helped him cut out the leaves and then he glued them on.  Then he did a lot of coloring around the leaves.  He was actually writing letters--he kept saying, "E, R, E, M."  He said that as he drew.  Then every time he looks at the picture he "reads" it by saying, "E, R, E, M."  Interesting.  

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mr. Potato Head

Islwyn was in the other room being really quiet today. For a long time. So finally I looked in on him and he was putting Mr. Potato Head together. So a couple minutes later he came over and showed me Mr. Potato Head. He was so proud of himself.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We went bowling tonight. One of Islwyn's best friends, Ethan, invited him bowling. He has never been before. It was also a first for me and Jonathan since this is New England style candlestick bowling. Which I had never even heard of before we moved here. The balls are smaller and the pins are smaller too I guess. You can see in the pictures.
All the kids.
Bowling balls.

Ethan bowling while Islwyn watches.

Islwyn had to count all the balls and keep them in a row.

Islwyn having a turn.
Watching the ball hit the pins.

Jonathan had to bowl a little bit too.
Islwyn too.

Islwyn's bowling shoes.