Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Fun

We have been trying to spend a lot of time doing fun summer activities. The back yard pool is our most common activity these days. Islwyn figured out a way to float around in his little pool. Here he is having some relaxation time in the sun.

Both boys floating in their "boat."
Note the side going straight into the pool. Islwyn calls it his slip and slide.

We went to the Indiana Dunes last weekend and got to go swimming at the beach. Islwyn had been begging to go to the beach. I tried to explain it wouldn't be like the beach he is used to in Maine, but it was still fun. The sand was SUPER hot though.

Islwyn took this picture of me. Surprisingly good composition for a 3 year old.
New shorts! Islwyn and Amund picked out this fabric and I made them shorts for the summer. Islwyn calls his the lollipop shorts because they look like they have lollipops on them.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

St. Louis

The boys and I spent a couple of days in St. Louis with my parents week before last. We got to spend a whole day doing fun things with my dad while my mom worked. We went to see the arch. The arch was designed by the same architect who designed the seminary where my dad teaches and Jonathan attends school. Also, we were married at the chapel he designed on campus.

Mom and Dad with Amund.
Islwyn and I on our way up to the top of the arch.
Islwyn at the top looking out the window.
Me and Amund at the museum that is at the base of the arch.
Islwyn and Amund in the model of what the elevator cars look like.
Of course we had to go to Ted Drewes for frozen custard.
And Grant's Farm!

Islwyn to to pet the baby goats and feed them milk out of a bottle.

We visited Concordia Publishing House.


I am finally getting around to posting some pictures from our trip to Chicago. We stayed with my sister Christa and her husband Peter. We also got to see my brother Aaron and his wife Leslie. We had so much fun hanging out in Lincoln Square with them. Walking around the neighborhood was fun. Took me back to when I used to live in the city... Here is Islwyn on a late night walk.

Amund and Peter

Walking over to Aaron and Leslie's.
We got to meet up with one of my friends from grad school and he little boy at a local cafe I used to study and work at all the time. Amund and Wyeth hit it off I think.
And reading bed time stories with Aunt Christa.