Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catching Up

I haven't been super great about posting stuff lately.  So I wanted to catch up.
One day Jonathan took Islwyn and Amund to the zoo.  I guess they really liked the turtle.
 Here's Elijah showing off his cool new shirt some special friends made for him.
 All the boys in bed together one night.  Hmmmm.
 Amund really likes going to this grocery store with me because he gets to push the cart around himself.  He is such a good helper.
 We never thought this day would come!  That Islwyn would ride his bike.  He rides it all the time now.
 And the whole reason I had kids--so they could do the house work!! Just kidding.  But Amund likes to mop and Islwyn likes to vacuum.

 We got to go on a little retreat to Estes Park this week.  We stayed at the Y there and had so much fun.

 Jonathan was leading the service.  And Islwyn had to sit in the front row.
 Amund riding his bike around Estes Park.
 And the Y has a roller skating rink so we took the kids skating for the first time.

 And we spent one whole morning in the craft room making necklaces and painting.