Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cute Babies

Before Amund was born I didn't think another baby could be as cute as Islwyn. It just wasn't possible. Here is Islwyn when he was around 1 year old. Those big brown eyes and dark hair. What about those fat little cheeks?

I was proved wrong--Amund is just as cute! In his totally unique way, with his big BLUE eyes and blondish/reddish hair. And his totally different personality than Islwyn. While Islwyn was mainly serious and always had to think about things very deeply it seemed, Amund has always been incredibly happy and gurgly. He is seriously going through the most adorable phase right now and it reminds me so much of how it was when Islwyn was this age. I think I forgot how adorable they are around the age they turn one. They have that cute half grown up and half baby face. They get so excited about everything and are just learning to toddle around and look so proud while doing it.

Amund was having all kinds of fun with Dada today. He loves making all kinds of different noises and thinks it is hilarious when other people do it.

Islwyn had to get in on the action too.
And look at that curl! I just can't even stand it. He has curls on both sides of his head and on the back of his head. And my mom keeps trying to cut his hair!!! How could you even think about cutting of that perfect little baby curl Mom??? :) I understand that he is growing up and that he has hair that kind of gets into his eyes because it is so long in front....but I just can't let his hair be cut yet. Once he gets it cut, he just won't be as much of a baby anymore....and he is still the baby....even though he is over a year and starting to walk....
Actually, he needs to leave his hair long so he fits in with the other boys in the family....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Farm

Islwyn's class went on a field trip to a local farm today. I took both boys. We got to go on a hayride.

Pet and hold ducklings.

And kittens.

This one was our favorite. It was hard for me not to try and bring her home! I resisted since I know we will be moving in a year to who knows where /.... and then moving again, and again. But the boys LOVED this kitten....

There were also pony rides, but Islwyn didn't want to do that. He loved all the animals though. Goats, hens, roosters, cows, pony, ducklings, goslings, kittens, etc. etc.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

watercolors and bears

Islwyn and I were watching Martha Stewart the other day and they had a segment on how to make your own watercolor paints. And all the ingredients are things most people have already in their pantry. Here is Islwyn refusing to smile with all the ingredients for our paints.

mixing baking soda into the vinegar.

Stir until it stops fizzing and bubbling

Then you add some corn syrup and corn starch and stir that in. Then pour into little bowls or egg cartons.
Mix your colors!

We made orange, blue, purple, lots of shades of green, red, and yellow.
Then we had lunch! Islwyn was roaring and pretending he was a bear.
Then Amund had to do it too. SUper cute.