Monday, March 24, 2008


AnaSofia invited Islwyn to go to a local school for an Easter egg hunt on Saturday. They had sooo much fun. They got to meet a clown who made them animals out of balloons. Islwyn said that he wanted a horse.Then they got to meet a moose who gave them candy. Islwyn LOVED the moose. He keeps saying "Moose! Ana! Moose! Ana!" He just said it right now when he saw this picture as I was typing the blog.
Then they got to meet the Easter Bunny. Note Islwyn's cool green sweater. I just made that for him. It was a little bit challenging, but I think it turned out nice. I have to still put a zipper on the front--that will help it to stay on better I think.

Below is a picture of Islwyn at church. We had a really nice Easter service and then there was an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Below is Islwyn shaking one of the eggs he found. Trying to figure out if it has "num nums" (m and ms).
Here are just some neat pics I took of Islwyn. I thought they captured some of his facial expressions. The second one I took while he was watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and eating popcorn. I don't know WHERE he got his love of popcorn from Minka!

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TheMuscatoHansens said...

Sooo sweet Sarah... I LOVE the b&w shots - you've got such talent! And the sweater is FANTASTIC!!! He is SUCH a cutie!