Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Guatemala!

I try to update everyone on funny things Islwyn has been doing lately--and I haven't been very good at it for a while here.  So I just wanted to share what happened with Islwyn today.  I didn't bring my camera--so don't have any pictures, but it was pretty funny.  We took Jonathan to a little petting zoo (just a local farm where we apple and pumpkin pick).  They have goats, a llama, and a horse I think.  Islwyn was super into the goats.  He kept trying to feed them and pet them and barely even ate the ice cream cone we got him because he was so interested in the goats and feeding them.  But one baby goat got a little over excited and got a hold of Islwyn's hair and started trying to eat it!!! Poor Islwyn.  Jonathan had to pull his hair out of the goat's mouth.  It shook him up a bit, but I explained that the baby goat was trying to give him kisses but didn't know he couldn't lick a little boy like he would another goat.  So the whole rest of the day--every little while Islwyn says, "Kisses, head, goat."  It is so cute!  I wish I had had my camera so I could have gotten some shots of him feeding the goats.  I was just kind of worn out from all the picture taking in Guate.  Anyway, below are some more pics from our trip.

Jonathan and Islwyn having lunch in the airport diner in Bangor.
Islwyn eating a donut and looking out the window at our plane to take us from Atlanta to Guatemala City.  

Playing with Minka when we first got to the LC.
Minka cutting Islwyn's hair!
Showing off his new haircut with mama.
Enjoying hanging out with grandpa during lunch.

Mama and Papa at lunch.
More Mama and Papa at lunch.
Our drinks at lunch.
Jonathan posing with his first Gallo beer (Guatemalan).
Mama and Islwyn at lunch.
Dad and Peter hanging out in the morning at the LC.
Mom and Dad at Dona Luisa having breakfast.
There are WAY more pictures to come!!

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