Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Old Stuff

So I have
finally gotten around to posting pictures of some of the things we have been up to this summer. Jonathan's parents were in Vermont for while this summer and so Islwyn and I drove out there to see them. Jonathan's dad was doing some horse training stuff and we stayed on a really cool farm. They had horses, cats, dogs, mini-donkeys, etc., etc! Here is Islwyn after his bath with his towel all wrapped around him.Islwyn's Grandad working with the horses.The farm we stayed at. This is the view out our bedroom window.
This horse really liked Islwyn.Petting Puppy with Nani.Mama driving the gator. Islwyn was SO into it--but got scared and wouldn't ride when the engine was on. So I
had to go alone. The lady who owns the farm bought him his own toy gator since he loved the gator so much. It is one of his favorite toys.
Hanging out with Nani .
On the drive home from Vermont Islwyn LOVED this giant ice cream cone garbage can!

Islwyn's b-day cake.

The three boys putting the screen back in the window.

A couple of weeks ago Islwyn's friend Phinneas invited us over to have a cookout. The boys had to so much fun. And sitting by the campfire roasting hot dogs, drinking beer (except for me!:( ), and making s'mores was really really fun.
Phinneas with ketchup all over his face!

Gabor cutting fire wood.

Islwyn LOVES Phinneas' ball. And he found a really cool basket to put it in.

Playing in Phinneas' super cool giant sand box.Phinneas playing with his big red truck.

For his birthday Islwyn got a really cool guitar from Minka and Grandpa. He plays it AT LEAST once a day. And loves to sing along. He also talks about how Grandpa will play it for him at Christmas and sing songs.

One of Islwyn's favorite toys. From Grandad and Nani. He goes around with his hammer and goodriver (screwdriver) fixing things.

Another of his favorite toys. Especially since the wheels always fall off and then he has to get his hammer out and fix the wheel.
This is a typical thing Islwyn does while playing. He gets fruits and veggies out and puts them with his toys.

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Mical said...

TWO favorite pictures of Islwyn - the one with the bath towel, but also, of course, with the giant ice cream cone. Too cute!