Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Islwyn's First Sleepover

Islwyn had his first sleepover last Friday. He got to go over to our neighbor's house last night and stay over night with one of his best friends--Ethan. Meanwhile, Jonathan and I went to a local Inn for dinner and to stay over. It was LOTS of fun and really relaxing for US! Maybe not so much for Ethan's mom and dad! Apparently Islwyn was totally fine without us, didn't even ask for us.

Here is a picture of the view from where we stayed.

Islwyn and Ethan playing at Ethan's before we left. Ethan has all the cool toys.

Islwyn hanging out with me at Ethan's before we leave.

Islwyn by our door, on his way over to Ethan's place with his overnight backpack.

Reading stories with Papa before we head over to Ethan's.

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Mical said...

Glad to see you guys got a night to yourselves. It must have been really nice.