Monday, January 5, 2009

Big Christmas Trip

We took a long train ride to see my parents this Christmas.  All my sisters and brother were there for Christmas and we had so much fun!
Here is Islwyn riding the train.

Grandpa with baby Jens.
The family before heading to church.
Grandpa and Jens again.
Rob and Mical.
Minka's present from Jonathan.
Aaron and me.
Islwyn on his new trike.
Hanging with cousin Emmanuel.
Eating breakfast with Grandpa and Papa.
New Years Eve popcorn party!!!!  Hanging with Leslie--playing a game of pool.

Here are pics from the "after" popcorn party (after Islwyn went to bed).  Grandpa and Aaron are spinning.

Mama right in front of the big table of FOOD!

Minka and Grandpa breaken' it down--with Christa and Peter.

Grandpa and Christa chatting.

Aaron spinning.
From our train on the way home.  This is the oldest train station in the country -- Martinsburg WV.  And also I think one is of Harper's Ferry.

Islwyn hanging out on the TOP bunk in our sleeper car.
Playing guitar with Papa.
...and with grandpa.


Mical said...

It was really cool to see all the pics from the train ride and after we left. So sad we couldn't stay any longer!! It looked like a lot of fun!

Laura Fenske said...

Wow! What a fun trip! The train ride is such a neat idea! I know the last time you flew it was a bit rough. I hope all is well!