Monday, March 16, 2009


My dad flew up over the weekend and did the baptism for Amund.  Here are some pictures of Minka and Islwyn with him before the service started.

The family.
With Minka and Grandpa.
Amund in his baptismal gown.  This gown has been in my family for over 100 years.  It is the one I wore when I was baptized and is just really special--and beautiful.

Islwyn taking a nap after the service...
Islwyn took this picture of his best friend AnaSofia.  We were so excited that she and her brother and mom were able to come and see the baptism.  It was really special for us.  
AnaSofia and Islwyn eating cake!
Playing legos with Grandpa.
Fussy pants!


TheMuscatoHansens said...

Oh really beautiful photos! We were SO happy to be part of such an amazing, special day for you all - thank you for including us. So wonderful that your Mom and Dad came AND that your Dad could do the baptism. You all are such a wonderful family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cool pictures, Sarah. I can't believe it was such a quick trip--but worth it! --Dad

Christa said...

Amund is SO cute!!