Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We love Maine!

There is an extra holiday in Maine called Patriot's Day.  And Jonathan gets the day off!  So we decided to go to the beach and also visit one of the many lighthouses in Maine.  

I had to get at least one shot of the baby at the beach.  This is before you climb down the steps to get to the water.  You can see the water behind him.  He is in the stroller.  It was a little cold and windy to have him out.

Building  a sand castle with a plastic cup and spoon we brought for our lunch since we didn't think to bring the bucket and shovel.

Jonathan and baby hanging out.

The lighthouse.  Me and Amund.
Note my sweater-I finally finished it!!

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Laura Fenske said...

I missed not having Patriot's Day in Oregon. I think we should start it up here too. :) The pics on the beach are great...they are both getting so big so fast!!!