Monday, June 29, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

We have had tons of rain this summer so far.  It has been amazing for the flowers and plants we have in the garden--they are huge!  Not so great for our roof which was letting water drip into our bedroom this morning.  This did NOT start my day off well.  ERG.  Everyone pray that the cost to fix the roof isn't TOO expensive and that this house will SELL!!!!  We need to not have to deal with it anymore.  Anyway, I had to practically bribe Islwyn to get him out of the house for little bit while it was not raining this morning.  He could wear his rain boots and splash in every puddle, and he still wanted to just go home....  Anyway, we did get outside for about 15 minutes and walked about 1 block.  

Here are me and Amund, I guess we are posing for an ad for BabyBjorn.  I love the expression on Amund's face.

Islwyn splashing in the neighbors driveway.  They always have HUGE puddles.  We never have any in our driveway.

This weekend Phinneas and his mama came over for dinner since they were home alone for the weekend.  Islwyn and Phinneas sitting at the little table.  So cute.  Islwyn LOVES his corn on the cob.
In other news, we are frantically packing/cleaning the house for a move out date of July 13th.  In my ideal world the house would be sold before we move, but it is looking more and more likely that that won't be happening.  GRRR.  But we are all looking forward to spending some time with my parents over the rest of the summer and I know Jonathan is really excited about starting the seminary in September.  I will try and keep updating the blog...but may be absent for a couple of weeks during the move.

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TheMuscatoHansens said...

CUTE photo of you and Amund! You are going to really have to keep this updated once you move my girl!!! AnaSofia will be reading...