Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Picnic and the Zoo

But first I have a picture of the family after the opening service at the seminary. Jonathan is into his second week of Greek and doing great.

Ok, to the zoo. The other day we wanted to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. So we went to the zoo and also packed a picnic to enjoy while there. Here is Islwyn driving the Land Rover in Africa.
Playing in the splash pool at the zoo.
That is one big frog!
Islwyn checking out the sculpture at the zoo.

During the picnic time, BOTH boys had to sit in my lap!
Amund and I hanging out while Islwyn eats and plays at the playground.

Amund tasting an apple.
Yummy PB&J.
Islwyn loves this Thomas the Tank Engine lunch box that he found at Minka and Grandpa's.

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Mical said...

I wonder who left a thomas tank engine lunch box!!! That's awesome - the zoo looks like fun as always. Love the Ft. Wayne zoo.