Wednesday, April 28, 2010

rain and more new clothes

We get awesome puddles in our front sidewalk after it rains. Islwyn loves playing and running in them. He also LOVES his new hand painted t-shirt from our awesome friends in Maine whom we miss sooooo much. AnaSofia is the first friend Islwyn made--they met on the swing sets in the park by our old house. Thanks so much for the cool t-shirts guys.

And I designed and sewed this outfit for Amund. I wanted it to be kind of form fitting, but also the shorts to be all the way to his knees. However, I made it a little too short! He can barely squeeze into it with a disposable on (which he rarely wears during the day). Hopefully we will have some warm days soon so he can wear it at least once or twice before he gets too tall! So....anyone who loves it and has a little boy who is between 6 and 12 may be getting a new hand made creation... :) I made it out of an old shirt of Jonathan's.


Mical said...

I love the pics! The outfit is too cute and it's too bad that it's a bit too small for Amund.

TheMuscatoHansens said...

AnaSofia is very excited to see her handiwork! LOVE Amund's outfit - it makes him look like a toddler - must be the stripes! He looks way too big!!! sniff, sniff!