Saturday, December 25, 2010

One Christmas Gift

So, here are some pictures of the BIG PROJECT I have been working on for the kids for Christmas this year. I got the idea from a blog that I read ( Of course my version is not nearly as professional looking...This picture was taken around 2 am this morning when we finally had everything ready for Christmas morning. I was able to use old sheets for the whole thing! Jonathan helped me make the frame for it.
"Amund and Islwyn's Candy Shop." The little door can go down on the floor like a welcome mat and the "Open" sign flips to say "closed."

Candies made by Aunt Becky (giant candies), Great Grandma Dickerhoof (bag of m and ms), Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Nathanael (donuts and m and m bags).

Aunt Mical (lollipops) and Nani (gingerbread men). I made the super lame looking candy canes.
A mail box like the one at our house too.

I am going to add more pictures of them playing with all their candies and of the other awesome presents they got from people this year. Thanks so much to everyone who helped. I could not have done it without you all who helped make the candy.


Minka said...

Sarah, this is wonderful! What a great project, I am sure the boys love it! Merry Christmas! Love, Mom

Tamara said...

You are such an awesome mom! What a bunch of hard work. Hope your Christmas was also merry.

Tori said...

Wow! That's amazing! I'm sure they love it and will for years to where to store it?! ;)

Sarah said...

That's the great thing about it. All the sides come apart easily and the fabric just folds up! :) The idea is we can take it out and put it away as needed....but we'll see how that goes.

Laura Fenske said...

Sarah, Amazing. Seriously, amazing. I love it! What a special gift for them and the memories they will have of playing in it will last.