Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Jonathan got his call at the call service on April 30.  Victoria/Tasmania District, Lutheran Church of Australia.  

Here we are after the call service.  My sister Becky, Me, Jonathan, my dad and mom.  Thanks for coming Becky and Mom and Dad!!

 At the Fort Wayne Zoo an entire section of the zoo is called "The Australian Adventure."  Here are Amund and Elijah.  We found where we will be living on the map.  Kind of to the left of where Amund is standing.  The climate is classified as semi-arid.  Average highs range from 56-87 (depending on winter or summer) and average lows range from 37-54.

Amund takling to a real Australian.

We still have a lot to do.  And we still don't know when we will be moving.  We have to wait on our visa and then get everything packed up and shipped over.  I'll try and be better about updating what is going on with us.


Tori said...

Holy cow! Sounds exciting! I'm sure you will all love living there, do you know for how long?

TheMuscatoHansens said...

YES keep updating :) :)

jonvw said...

We will be there indefinitely. The nature of my assignment is such that there is no specified end date for my service in Australia, and I am more likely to receive a subsequent call in Australia than anywhere else.