Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Islwyn and His Obsession with Mustard

Islwyn has decided that his favorite condiment is mustard. Everything he eats needs to have a little bit of mustard on his plate to be dipped. He had mashed potatoes and steak for lunch today. But he went to the fridge before lunch and got the mustard out. He got it open and started squirting it on his plate--I had to help him with that part. Then he dipped his steak AND potatoes into the mustard and tried to lick off as much of the mustard that he could without getting any of the potatoes or steak into his mouth. The whole time his is eating he says, "Dipped! Dip it! Dipped! Dip it!" That is what he is saying in the picture below. As he dips his steak.
Another thing he just figured out today is that if he bangs the lids to pots together they make a really loud noise that is really fun! And it is super fun because it makes mama crazy. Anyway, it is so funny because his favorite cupboard in the kitchen is the one with the pots and pans. He is always playing in there. Since he was about 9 months I think he liked opening that cupboard. Then he gets the potatoes and onions out of their drawer, puts them in his pots, and shakes them around so they can "cook." But just today he has finally realized he can use the lids as cymbals. Crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Mustard and blueberries!! Yum, yum.

Grandma D.