Monday, February 18, 2008

Islwyn's New Pants

I bought some vintage clothing patterns off of eBay the other day. I got lots of little boys and girls outfits. Most of them are from the 40's and 50's. The little girl dresses are soooo cute so I just hope Becky has a little girl so I can make little dresses for her. Anyway, I decided to try my hand at making an outfit for Islwyn all on my own. So I picked out an overalls pattern from the 1950's I think and whipped this outfit up. I bought the black corduroy material, but the red material was a gift from Jonathan's mom. I don't think this one turned out as good as the red ones I made him. And I have never followed a pattern before on my own, so I made some mistakes and then had to go back and rip some seams out etc. Jonathan's mom made an overalls outfit for Jonathan out of that materials when he was a little boy and had some pieces left over. You can see a picture of Jonathan wearing the outfit made with this material next to the picture of Islwyn in the outfit I made him. Do you think Islwyn looks like Jonathan?

One of Islwyn's favorite things to do these days is get the lotion out and spread it all over his cheeks and hands. And then he has to come over and make sure my face is moisturized too. So cute.

Islwyn has ANOTHER cold! Poor baby. He is sneezing and coughing with a runny nose. No fever this time though. But he couldn't sleep and got up at 5:30 this morning! He goes to the dr. today so at least he will be looked at. I feel like he was just sick.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you did a great job on the overalls. Making a few mistakes is how you learn and I think you are doing great. Here's a hug for you and a couple more for J & I.

Grandma D

Christa said...

Those look super cool! I love that material.

It's amazing how much Izzy looks like J! He looks a lot more like J as a kid than him now, I think.

Poor Izzy being sick. Maybe it's all that cold weather!