Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Updates from Guatemala!

Mama and Islwyn climbing some ruins.  These ruins are part of a catholic church that is still in use today.  
More climbing.
Islwyn was enjoying sitting in the grass at the ruins.
Papa and Islwyn.
Walking around the ruins.  
Tropical flowers.
Trying to get  picture of Leslie and Aaron--but Islwyn is getting in trouble in the background.
These next pictures are from the main cathedral ruins in Antigua.  The church is still in use--and the ruins are behind the cathedral---which is on the central square.  Islwyn and Jonathan are exploring the catacombs.

Islwyn and Jonathan sitting out on a step.

The family at Dona Luisa's.  You can see the bottom of the volcano in the background.
Me and my dad outside Dona Luisa's.

Islwyn and his cousins having a good time.
Papa and Islwyn walking through Antigua.
Islwyn and Grandpa.

Jonathan at the fountain at La Merced.
Christa, Leslie, and Mom hanging out.
More boys playing.
Islwyn having lots of fun with the cousins.

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