Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Project

Islwyn and I decided to make special treats for his friends for Valentine's Day.  We found a recipe for home-made marshmallows.  And we got some heart shaped cookie cutters.  So we could make heart shaped marshmallows.  Then Islwyn wanted to make rice krispie treats we made rice krispies with some of the home-made marshmallows.  We cut the treats into heart shapes too.  We also included home-made hot cocoa mix and little mini sized heart marshmallows to go on the cocoa.  

Anyway, he is Islwyn licking the marshmallow spatula AND whisk!

Licking out of the rice krispie treat bowl.  Super yummy!

Rice Krispie treats--yes they are pink-we died the marshmallows.
This is the marshmallow after we made it and put it in the pan to set.

Marshmallows!  The big ones are to eat and the little ones to go on top of hot cocoa.

Islwyn dipping the marshmallow he just cut out into powdered sugar.
Yes--he did it--cut out a heart marshmallow.
Cutting out the marshmallows.

Sorry the pics were backwards in order.  I have a terrible time uploading them so they end up in the right direction.  Anyway, I had never made home-made marshmallows before--it is super easy.  And they are WAY better than store bought ones.  SUPER FUN!!!

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TheMuscatoHansens said...

Soooooooo yummy Sarah! AnaSofia was SO excited about these "special treats". You guys are the best. My Mom was saying what a beautiful boy Islwyn is after seeing you guys downtown - I agree!