Sunday, February 1, 2009


It has been a super snowy and cold winter this year.  We try to go outside and play every day, but that only takes up about 20 minutes of our afternoon time since it is so cold we have to come back in...

Thankfully, Islwyn got a big box full of arts and crafts supplies from his grandparents for Christmas.  We have to do at least one craft a day.  The other day we got the paint out for the first time.  He had so much fun.  Here he is painting.

And getting more paints out...

We need to get some paint brushes so he can try painting that way.  We don't have any and tried to use the sponges that are all different shapes to make cool pictures, but the sponges didn't really work very well with this kind of paint.  I think this paint works best as finger paint or with paint brushes.  It was so much fun though!

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