Thursday, May 14, 2009


So Islwyn decided he really needed to make a pie the other day. A blueberry and chocolate chip pie.  He talked about it incessantly all morning and then after nap started asking about it again.  So he and I made a pie.  He is really good at baking!  Anyway, after it came out of the oven, Islwyn took this picture of his pie.

Amund and I have been trying to have play time while Islwyn naps.  Usually Amund naps almost the whole time Islwyn is napping, but he also usually has a little bit of time when he is up and wants to play.  The other day we were playing together on the floor and took this picture of us.

Tummy time.
Rolling around on the floor.  He is always smiling and gurgling at me, and then when I get out the camera, he stops and either starts crying or gets really serious.
Cool onesie, you can compare Islwyn in the same onesie at about the same age by following the link below.  They look so different to me!


Mical said...

Aw how cute! He does look serious!

Becky said...

Emmanuel first insisted that the pictures were of Jens. Then when I showed him a picture of Jens and how they're different, he insisted that Amund is cuter! :)