Friday, May 29, 2009

Shout Outs and Islwyn the Photographer

First, a shout out to Amund's new friend Kasper.  He got him this super cute and snuggly outfit when he was born (actually Kasper's mama did...).  Today is a rainy, rainy day.  And we are all super tired so we are lounging around at home.  Amund is playing on the floor in this super cute and snuggly outfit.  Perfect for a rainy day.  Thanks Kasper!

The next set of picture Islwyn took with my camera.  He is still working on figuring out how to look through the viewfinder so he can have better control over the subject of his pictures.  I think he is showcasing our super messy living room...

And finally a shout out to Aunt Becky for these super cool fleece cloth diapers she made Amund when he was born.  They are so soft and snuggly.  And seriously, there is nothing cuter than a little baby bum in a cute cloth diaper!  Thanks Aunt Becky!

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