Monday, July 27, 2009

Give Away

So, I am going to be super cool like all the other people who blog and give handmade things away.  Below are some pictures of a "work shirt" I invented for Islwyn.  It all started when I found this really cute pattern for a smocket for GIRLS that I made for one of Islwyn's VERY best friends AnaSofia.  Islwyn loved it and wore it around calling it his "work shirt."  But it was really very girly.  And while I try to not make Islwyn just wear super boyish things, I guess I don't think he needs to wear super girly stuff either--being that he IS a boy.  But as all of you moms of boys out there is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to find cute things for boys.  I follow many blogs and there are always cute free patterns for different clothes for girls and giveaways of dresses etc.  There is hardly ever anything cute to make for boys or give aways for boys.  So anyway, I decided that I would create this "work shirt" for Islwyn out of an old pair of jeans of Jonathan's.  It's got two big pockets in the front for lots of collecting--like rocks, sticks, etc.  Or if you are doing an art project, a good place to put a paint brush or scissors or something.  I actually made two of these and am mailing one to one of Islwyn's friends in Maine.  But anyway, Jonathan has another pair of old jeans I can cut up so I thought I would offer a "work shirt" like the one pictures below as a giveaway.  The deal is, only moms who have little boys can enter to be drawn randomly for this work shirt.  The reason I am making that rule is because if you have girls there are tons of giveaways and cute stuff....SORRY!  Anyway, write a comment on this post if you would like to receive a work shirt for your little boy...I think the deadline will be a week from today.  I will draw the winner at random from the people who comment.  If anyone really likes it and thinks they want to try and make their own I can also send you a pattern and stuff for let me know.


Becky said...

Yay!!! I have at least one little boy who would LOVE a workshirt! :) Good idea, Sarah. You're so talented!! :)

Bonnie said...

This is so cute! I have boxes of old jeans that need to have something useful done with them.

You could really start a business with these!
Mom Williams

TheMuscatoHansens said...

So cute Sarah! AnaSofia does LOVE her shirt and I KNEW you could make a cool boy one!!!!! Good for you! Soren got me a skype phone so we are calling you guys soon! We miss you too much back here! Big hugs.

Laura Fenske said...

You are super cool! And, I'm in for the drawing! How fun. Congrats on the move to IN. How is the transition going?