Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sailing on the Fourth of July

Funny picture...I was trying to get a picture of the boys with "Stockton Springs, Maine" behind them, but neither would look at the camera.  Gabor was trying to get Islwyn to look up....haha!

In the dinghy.

Since Amund was brought home from the hospital Islwyn's interaction with Amund has been limited to asking mama to put baby down.  Occasionally he will bring a toy to Amund, but he never wants to hug, kiss, hold or really play with him.  Anyway, today he started paying more attention to him and these next few pictures are probably the most Islwyn has ever really touched the baby.  Maybe it is that Amund is getting bigger and can sit up and smile and stuff so Islwyn is figuring out that they can play.  Jonathan is just trying to eat his lunch.

Gabor, Rebecca and Phinneas on the boat.

Islwyn had to pilot the boat a little bit.
Islwyn was really enjoying the bed in the cabin.  He also spent a lot of time looking out that window you can see above him.  

We finally got a trip out on the sailboat.  

After that we just came home and hung out.  We were so worn out and the boys were both tired and in bed by 6:30, that we are now just watching tv and working.  No fun fireworks or anything.

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