Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happenings and Sweaters

Islwyn has been playing with playdo a lot lately. Here he is so excited about the dinosaur that he made.

Islwyn showing off the sweater that I knitted for him.

Amund in his donkey sweater I made him for Christmas. So cute.
We are just trying to enjoy the cold and snow. We spend a lot of time at the library these days...and playing indoors. Islwyn has already started working on presents and decorations for "valentinations." That's what he calls valentines for some reason. Amund can already climb the steps!!!! And he cruises around holding on to things all the time these days. Makes for a little bit of a crazy mama.He just wants to do what his big brother does I think.

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TheMuscatoHansens said...

GORGEOUS, adorable sweaters!!!! MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!