Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Days

Amund and I sent the big boys off to school last week. Jonathan has been really busy with all of his classes, fieldwork, and his job at the library. Islwyn started pre-school last Wednesday. He really likes it and was excited to be the first student in the class to bring show and tell. Amund and I walk Islwyn to school every day. This is a picture of the boys on our walk the first day of school.

I also had to take a picture of Islwyn in front of the school building. If look really closely behind him you can see the cornerstone--it says "Peace Lutheran 1949."
We couldn't be happier with his pre-school. We love the teachers and the director. They only do pre-school and pre-kindergarten there. It is only in the mornings from 9-11:30. There are 11 kids in his class and they are all from our neighborhood and from all different backgrounds. The main focus of the pre-school is on Jesus and they have chapel once a week with the pastor. I hear a lot of different languages spoken by the parents (mostly English, Spanish, and Burmese). And we love our morning walks to and from school. We have been able to really enjoy the late summer/fall weather so far. Amund and I have been enjoying spending time together. I think Amund really likes having all the toys to himself for a little while!


Minka said...

What special days! Can't wait for us to get home again and see you all! Love Minka

TheMuscatoHansens said...

Sweet! So great to catalog all these special moments! Hugs!!!