Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We spent the weekend with my sister and her family. The boys were super into playing with their four cousins (also all boys!)

We got to go enjoy a local lake. Amund had lots of fun throwing rocks into the water.

Islwyn did lots of exploring in the woods on our hike.

And with his cousins.
Swinging from the tree in the front yard.

Amund loved the pinwheels in the front yard.

After a long day with 6 little boys, the adults got to enjoy a wonderful meal at the restaurant where my brother - in - law is executive chef.


Minka said...

What a wonderful time for you all! Wish we could have been there too, it looks like it was lots of fun!

Mical said...

I like the family picture!

TheMuscatoHansens said...

Beautiful family photo of you four and I love the one of you and Jonathon at the end... So nice to have some adult time! Looks like F U N!

Christa said...


Becky Rutt Schulz said...

It WAS fun! Especially the dinner! :D I love how you two are so serious in the picture.

Thanks for coming!!!!!