Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mical's Visit

We had so much fun when Mical visited. Here are some pictures of Islwyn showing Mical where her mouth, nose, hair, etc are.

Islwyn, Jonathan and Mical had a lot of fun playing dominoes together too. You can see Jonathan and Islwyn sorting the dominoes. Then later Mical and Jonathan played a game, with Islwyn helping Mical with her turns.

On Sunday night we got a sitter for Islwyn and then Mical, Jonathan, and I went out together for dinner. It was a lot of fun. Good food, good drinks, and good company! We wish she could have stayed longer.


jonvw said...

Islwyn did a good job helping his aunt Mical at dominoes, too. After the first hand, she was beating me by 42 points, and we weren't even scoring fives. I think he has a future in the game :-)

Mical said...

Awww that was such a fun visit, brings back memories - I need coies of these photos!