Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Catching Up

We took Islwyn to Moosehead State Park on Monday. Monday was a holiday here in Maine. It is called "Patriot's Day" so Jonathan had the day off. Here are some pics of Islwyn playing at the park.

Every day on our way home from the Y (we walk down there and back) Islwyn and I stop at the park so he can play on the playground a little bit before lunch. Last wed. one of Islwyn's BEST friends was there playing--so it was super exciting. Here they are.

Last week we went out to Phinneas' house. Phinneas lives in a "wonderland" of forests, trees, blueberry fields, and apple orchards. All fun things for little boys. SO we went on a walk with the boys through some blueberry fields.
Islwyn taking a break on the walk to stick a wood chip up his nose.
Phinneas hanging with his leaf.
Islwyn and Phinny crawling around in the grass and leaves.
Islwyn doing some excavating.

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