Thursday, April 24, 2008

Islwyn, Mr. Bear, and Jenn the Story Lady

Islwyn likes to carry his bear (Mr. Bear) that his great-grandma made him around the house with him in the morning. This morning he and Mr. Bear were having breakfast crackers and watching "Curious George" together.Then Islwyn was feeding Mr. Bear crackers and saying, "Crackers, Bear, crackers, Bear, eat crackers."

Yesterday we had a little part-ay over here. Two of Islwyn's best friends came over AT THE SAME TIME!! It was soo much fun. The kids wanted to read a story so here is a picture of Jenn (AnaSofia's mom) reading them the story. AnaSofia is on her lap with Islwyn, and Islwyn's other best friend, Kaitlin, is standing in the foreground listening too.

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