Thursday, April 10, 2008

Islwyn's Bad Day

Actually, I should say yesterday and today have been bad days. Poor Islwyn. He has a couple big eye teeth coming in and I think it is just making him totally miserable.

He pretty much fussed all day yesterday. Every little thing sent him into fits of crying and holding onto me for dear life. After he was up from his nap for an hour and had been pretty much crying that whole time, I decided that maybe he would like going to the park. He usually LOVES the park and it was sunny and like 55 degrees out. So nice. So we walked over there--it took about 3 minutes since we live 1/2 block from the park. We even brought his red ball to play with and Islwyn got to walk the whole way and didn't even have to ride in the stroller. So we got to the park and he just stood there. I threw the ball and he just watched it roll and then after a minute he came over to me and asked for me to carry him. So then I thought maybe he just wanted to play on the playground. So we went over there and he looked at the playground for a minute and then turned around and started walking back home on the path. So that was the end of that. We did get to have a little ice cream cone and met one of his friends there. AnaSofia did her best to cheer him up...but he was not his usual self. Although he didn't have any trouble finishing off my ice cream and his own.

Then last night we finally took his temperature and it was a little high. I think it has to do with the teeth coming in. So today he woke up super early and has pretty much been fussing all morning. I am going CRAZY. And poor Islwyn. His teeth must really be hurting. I have been reduced to letting him eat a popsicle (for his teeth) and watch "Elmo's World" on PBS. Shudder, shudder. But he seems relatively happy.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Islwyn. Those teeth do hurt. Glad you're having nicer weather. It's rainy and in the 40s here - not very nice but at least we are not getting the floods and/or tornadoes that are happening farther east and south. Grandma