Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We went bowling tonight. One of Islwyn's best friends, Ethan, invited him bowling. He has never been before. It was also a first for me and Jonathan since this is New England style candlestick bowling. Which I had never even heard of before we moved here. The balls are smaller and the pins are smaller too I guess. You can see in the pictures.
All the kids.
Bowling balls.

Ethan bowling while Islwyn watches.

Islwyn had to count all the balls and keep them in a row.

Islwyn having a turn.
Watching the ball hit the pins.

Jonathan had to bowl a little bit too.
Islwyn too.

Islwyn's bowling shoes.


Becky said...

That bowling is so cool! And Islwyn looks so cute!! Of course Tony had heard of it before. :) All of the wedding pictures are cool too. Your camera really does take great pictures! It was sooooo nice to see you and I am excited to see you at Christmas!

Christa said...

I had heard of this bowling before, but never seen it. Are the balls lighter? It looks awkward, but interesting. Interesting they don't have regular bowling.

Sarah said...

I guess they have regular bowling too. But this is more common up here.