Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving pumpkins, Halloween Party, Random pictures of Islwyn

Showing me a pumpkin seed he got out of the pumpkin.

The house decorated.


Pumpkin cupcakes.
This picture has nothing to do with Halloween, or the party.  But Islwyn was being so funny playing his marimba with pot holders on.
My Halloween Tree creation.

Another unrelated picture.  Islwyn playing in the leaves last week as we worked in the yard.  We have had a really beautiful fall--like we do every year here in Maine.
Phinneas as a bear and his mama dressed as a tree!
Islwyn recovering from all that candy....

Phinneas reading one night when he was hanging out with us.  He likes Islwyn's chair.

Our little skunk in the bobbing for apples container.

This is another random picture.  Phinneas came over and hung out with us one evening.  The boys were so cute in their christmas jammies.

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Mical said...

Wow I love the skunk costume - How cute! Also, the house and party looked so nicely decorated. I wish we could have been there!!!