Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Special Gifts

Islwyn has received some EXTRA special Christmas presents this year.  He got a really cool sweater in the mail today.  Jonathan's Grandma started knitting this sweater when HER kids were little!  So I am guessing early 60's?  Anyway, she never finished it until now!  So she sent it to Islwyn.  I LOVE the super funky orange stripes.  The yarn is really nice and soft and the green is a really nice shade of green (hard to tell in the picture).  She does such a great job of knitting--it makes me realize how NOT so great I am. :)  This is an extra special gift we will treasure always!  But, of course, our little shrimp Islwyn is too small for it now...maybe next year it will fit him.
Islwyn trying it on and making a weird face.
Being silly.

One of Islwyn's best friends, AnaSofia, got him another extra special Christmas present.  Here he is opening it.  AnaSofia is helping.  

It's a cape!  Super cool!  AnaSofia's mom sewed it specially for Islwyn!  She is so talented and creative--although she always denies it!  Islwyn will be the envy of his cousins this Christmas I think.  This is a really cool present and we will keep it always.  So now Islwyn is "Super Islwyn!"  Note the cool airplane fabric.

Islwyn showing off the back.

Twirling around.
From the front.

Islwyn had never heard of a cape before he got his present.  So when he was opening it, he and AnaSofia had a really funny conversation about the present.  She kept using the word "cape," but he thought she was saying "cake."

AnaSofia: Maybe it might be a cape?

Islwyn: I don't have cake, I have Christmas present.

AnaSofia: It might be a cape!

Islwyn: I don't have a cake.  It is a Christmas present.

AnaSofia: Usluwin [as she puts a hand on his shoulder] (that's how she says Islwyn--so cute), maybe it's a cape!?

Islwyn: I don't have cake.  I have present.

This seriously went on for a couple minutes.  It was so funny!  And they were so polite about it.  Talking really nice.  But disagreeing! 

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Christa said...

Hahaha! So cute! I know that's what I always say, but I can't help it!!

Both those gifts are super cool!

I know what you mean about doubting your own knitting ability after seeing things knit by other people. When I was at Peggy's I saw all these photos of these totally amazing sweaters she'd knit for herself and Clive. They looked totally professional! And Leslie's mom knit her this gorgeous sweater - it's unbelievable. I don't think there's one wrong stitch and it all lays perfectly - it amazes me! (I think were coming back for New Years with her so I'll tell her to bring it!)