Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nature Center

Today was the last day of Nature Time for the year.  They start again in January.  Today we learned all about snow and the different kinds of snowflakes.  We read a story about snow, and then we made snowflakes on paper as a craft, and then we got to take a walk in the woods and in the snow and find animal footprints.

Islwyn foot prints.

Islwyn using the scissors.  He has one red snowflake on his paper.

Islwyn was doing a lot of drawing.  Here he is drawing a fish--complete with an eye and everything.

Back in the snow again!

Islwyn LOVES snow.  And Maine sure is beautiful covered in white snow.

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Christa said...

He better watch our for his Auntie Tia! I can't wait to squeeze those sweet fat cheeks!!