Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parade, Etc.

The other day Islwyn was having his ice cream cone treat and asked Jonathan to take some picture of him.  So here he is eating his ice cream.

Getting ready to jump.
On the ground.  He LOVES to jump and hop and hops his way around the house now.

Listening to the Barbershoppers.

Last Saturday was the big Christmas Parade in downtown Bangor.  I told all Islwyn's friends about it and we were so excited to go.  One of Islwyn's friends was staying overnight with us, so he came along to the parade too.  That's what the pictures above are.  When the parade actually started Islwyn got really scared and started crying and crying.  I don't know if it was the crowd or what....


TheMuscatoHansens said...

YAY for ice cream! He is so sweet!

Christa said...

So cute...I like how he's never wearing pants. Your house must not be THAT cold.

Becky said...

Christian always gets super scared when things are loud too. Islwyn is such a cutie!