Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and Christmas Tree

We went to the Christmas Tree farm the day after Thanksgiving. While it has been super warm here lately. Of course the day we are going to be out picking a tree it is freezing. Thankfully I had Amund all bundled up and had my Guatemalan wrap to carry him in that kept him warm. Here he is all wrapped up.

Islwyn after we picked out our tree. He was standing by the side of the barn.

Mom and dad found the perfect Christmas tree--it was the first one they looked at. So it took them about 3 minutes to get their tree. And then Jonathan and I picked one really quickly too. It helped that we had a super tight budget so could only afford like 3 of the trees on the lot. But we ended up with a Scotch pine that is really pretty and smells REALLY good! Here are dad and Jonathan with our trees.
Mom and dad picking out their tree.
Aunt Becky and "the cousins," along with Islwyn, went around the Christmas tree farm on the little "train." It was actually a tractor.
We had everyone at our place for Thanksgiving. Amund was up late with Grandpa while we played Trivial Pursuit. Boys again girls and the girls won, even though we were vastly outnumbered-- 9 to 4.
Our new Trivial Pursuit board. We were so excited to find an almost brand new original Trivial Pursuit at the Clothing Co-op.
The boys showing off their crowns.

Boys working on decorating their crowns the day before Thanksgiving.

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