Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

We live in an awesome neighborhood for trick or treating! The boys looked so adorable. Of course I couldn't actually get them in a picture together or anything. Minka and Grandpa came over for dinner and for some treats too.

Grandpa trying to get fussy Amund to laugh.

Trick or treaters....

On our porch. Treat bag at the ready.
Little monkey pants.
Hanging out with Dada.
Scary tiger!!!
Islwyn would not say "trick or treat" at any of the houses we went to, but once we got home he ran around the rest of the night handing out candy to all of us and saying "trick or treat!"


Mical said...

Aww the boys look too cute!

Christa said...

Super cute! I went trick or treating around there once and it was awesome. It's always good when houses have normal sized candy bars!