Wednesday, February 17, 2010

School Days

Big news at our house. Islwyn started pre-school today! I can't believe he is big enough. Here he is in his classroom.

By his locker. It has his name on it.
In front of the school. Getting ready to go in for the first day. Note his super cool backpack I made him.
Islwyn and Amund getting ready to head out the door. I did the front and sides of the backpack in this super awesome Michael Miller vintage cowboy fabric. The back and straps are red corduroy. It was the first time I ever put a zipper in or did piping and I think it turned out ok.
More pics of the bag.

When we took Islwyn into the classroom, he stood by me for a couple of minutes and then he just went and played and didn't even care that I left the classroom....

The backpack pattern I bought from made by rae. It's a great pattern, I did a couple of things differently, but it is a really good pattern and easy to follow.


Mical said...

He doesn't look super happy in the first big so glad to hear that he ran off and played! :D The backpack looks great!

Minka said...

Oh, his first day of school! They grow up so fast! Sarah, the backpack is crazy good! I can't believe you made it! Great job!

Becky Rutt Schulz said...

WOW! It is hard when they grow up isn't it. :( I'm so glad he just went off and played - that makes it so much easier. And the backpack is awesome. Seriously, you've outdone yourself once again!

TheMuscatoHansens said...

Love the backpack! Super cute and I am sure it made him so proud to go to school with it! So exciting!!!