Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

We had two snow days last week. So Jonathan was home with us. We did all kinds of fun things.

Made popsicles with orange juice (in the ice cube tray). Islwyn really needed popsicles for his cough and sore throat. Here is Amund eating one.

We ate brownies with carmel sauce in the middle of them...the whole day.....
Islwyn did lots of art projects.
...and a giant floor puzzle.
The boys played the ukulele and sang songs.

Other things we did that I didn't take pictures of....
--drove in the snow to the dr.'s office with Amund.
--Amund had an ear infection
--Picked up Amund's medicine!

Poor baby--the highlight of his day was taking his medicine. He loves it. Other than that he has been a pretty grumpy baby.

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